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Welcome to Dillon, a beautiful town located on the famous Beaverhead River in a broad valley surrounded by snow-covered mountains. 

Dillon Rentals offers residential apartments and commercial rentals in beautifully renovated historic buildings in Old Town Dillon, Montana. Located in the center of safe and convenient neighborhood of Dillon, outstanding historic buildings have been renovated with the most up-to-date amenities.



 D.I. Building


D.I. Building’s original name is Dillon Implement Building. The real beauty of the D.I. is its originality and its durability. The stone walls for the building are over a foot thick and were quarried about 30 miles away. The DI building was initially dedicated to producing horse drawn buggies and work wagons.  Some of the original structures such as ten foot tall sliding metal doors have been preserved and incorporated into the new building.  The D.I. Building is located in the heart of the Old Town Dillon. The building contains 32,000 square feet. It is within easy walking distance of the university, restaurants, microbrewery and all stores you need on a daily basis. The building was built in the days before there was concrete rebar foundation pillars. A tour of the basement of the DI is an amazing trip back in time. The building is supported with Roman-style triangular-shaped columns of stone and mortar. With its strong beauty, the D.I. Building has been through many earthquakes and other stresses from the environment and is still standing proud. It is an amazing treat to see the quality workmanship and the engineering that existed over 100 years ago. 

The D.I. Apartments offer 2 studios, 5 1-bedrooms, 3 2-bedrooms and 1 3-bedrooms with its glorious natural lights throughout the house on the second floor. With two stairways for access to these apartments, all of them have 14 foot high ceilings and tall broad windows. The views from the apartments vary from snow-covered mountains to “city street” views on the Glendale Street side of the property. We have worked hard to maintain its beauty with the original stunning hardwood floors that have been sanded and refinished. All of the units have individual air conditioners. The entire building is heated with a central eco-friendly natural gas steam system. This is the same system that has been used in Lower Manhattan in New York City for over a hundred years. We are proud to say that It is an excellent, clean and safe way to heat large buildings.

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 Turret House


The cutest Turret House on the block was built by the first doctor in Beaverhead County. The doctor’s offices were located on the first floor and his family’s residence was on the second floor in beautiful three bedroom, one bathroom quarters. The inside of the property has been fully renovated for the convenience of other Dillon lovers.  

The Turret portion of the front room overlooks the Idaho Street and the Patagonia Building, where there is a ‘happening’ place of the town. From the 2nd residential floor, there is a circular dining room table in the Turret from which you have a beautiful view of the activities on Idaho Street.  You will feel as if you are in London or Greenwich Village looking out over other preserved historic buildings.

The Turret House reserved parking behind the Building for the tenants and a stairway to the upper apartment. 

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More than just a housing complex.


It is more than just a housing complex – it's a neighborhood, and any good neighborhood comes with amenities for the locals. When we polished our properties (Andrus Plaza, D.I. Building and Turret House) with tender loving care, we handpicked these fine establishments to join our community.



Sweetwater Coffee

all foodies, come aboard!

This place screams a cute San Francisco coffee shop but that’s not the only reason to be there. They make some serious dishes from freshest & tastiest scones to complicated & hot melting cheese sandwiches. When you see a young couple with 2 little children having a full dinner in their cowboy hats & boots there, you will know what’s up.


University of Montana Western

authentic practices of a discipline

University of Montana Western (UMW), founded in 1893 as Montana State Normal School, was founded as a center for training teachers. It is a public university located in Dillon, Montana and it is affiliated with The University of Montana and is a part of Montana University System.


African Oasis

vibe with african legacy & a cup of joe

If you ever want to get away but still have to wait for the next vacation, don’t look afar. Just drop by African Oasis for a cup of tea and enjoy a new sight that’s filled with enchanting beauty of Africa. If you are up for a chat about the rich African culture, the friendliest owner Kim is always there with a help of her sweetest furry friend Pearl.


The Bookstore

For the book lovers

The Bookstore is an independently owned local business that specializes in books about Montana and the Western United States. They feature local authors, and host book signings and other “Meet the Author” events. They also offer a large selection of greeting cards, kids kits, calendars, sheet music and supplies, and a used book exchange. 


Dillon Public Library

For the book lovers

Dillon Public Library is a small library in the southwest corner of Montana. Built by Andrew Carnegie in 1901, Dillon Public Library is a historic building completed with turret and gargoyles. One of their greatest assets is their friendly and helpful staff that inspire the literacy and the imaginations of the community.


Pioneer Furniture

Gorgeous & magnificent pieces

The store is filled with gorgeous high-quality furniture, it is such an eye-candy for interior design enthusiasts! Pioneer Furniture has a wide range of fan base, not only all over Montana but folks from Idaho drive all the way up to get their hands on their sweet goods.


Number 1 Ladies Quilt Shop

coolest quilt shop

The shop’s name says it all, it is the #1 quilt shop indeed. You’ll not only see extremely skilled artwork but also the coolest vintage sewing machines you’ll want to decorate your house with. It is always filled with sweetest ladies sitting altogether learning killer quilting skills from the owner. The cherry on top is their humble pricing on everything that is stunning and handmade.


Branding Iron BBQ

BBQ that will ruin all other bbq in your life

If you need testimonies, we highly recommend Yelping their BBQ shop. You will read nothing but boasting reviews about this place from everyone, especially out-of-towners that just happened to pass by Dillon and stopped to grab a bite. Don’t be fooled by their humble looking shop. Their tenderest ribs will steal your heart without you knowing what just happened.


The Thomas Co Jewelers

craftsmanship & Masterpiece

Thomas Jewelry Store is the oldest jewelry store in Montana. It is located at a fine corner location in the Andrus Plaza. People travel throughout southwest Montana, Idaho and beyond for wedding rings and many other specialized jewelry. many more years of high quality jewelry and services from the Thomas Jewelry Store.


Birkenbuel Brands

Hip art studio

This hip & Californian vibe art studio belongs to an artist Corey Birkenbuel. You can purchase his one of a kind art pieces along with his ‘cool dude’ shirts and hoodies. Stop by for a look around and a little ‘chill’ chat with Corey today.

Get To Know Dillon, Montana


One of the highlights of Old Town is the amazing Beaverhead Historical Society campus.  Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea passed through the Dillon area on their famous journey. Sacagawea was part of the Shoshone tribe, located in the Dillon area.  The tribe welcomed Lewis and Clark and helped them through the steep western mountains into the Idaho/Oregon region.  That was the most difficult part of their journey. It is amazing to see the story of their great adventure and the display of historical artifacts.  Many families in Dillon have been there for a hundred years or more.  It is fascinating to meet current Dillon residents and trace their family history four or five generations through the Historical Society Museum and books that the museum has produced.

 Dillon is also a famous “cow town”.  It is the final stop on the statewide Dillon rodeo circuit. Every Labor Day, the town booms with the sound of horses, cows, cowboys and cowgirls coming to town for the big event.  It is a great end of the summer festival that is terrific for the entire family.